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Creditors, debtors, previous customers and suppliers for Varden Nuttall Limited – In Administration please note:

In 2017, Harrisons VN Limited (HVN) was set up to deal with remaining company Administration matters relating to the run off of the portfolio.

HVN has continued since 2017 to maintain the company website, supplier accounts and other administration functions for Varden Nuttall.

The Administration of Varden Nuttall will cease on 24 March 2022 as the objective has been achieved and following the bond negotiations it is clear that no further funds will be received in the Administration. As a result, no further extensions to the Administration will be granted.

HVN (whose sole directors are the Joint Supervisors) will therefore continue with the sole objective of facilitating the Joint Supervisors completion of the portfolio and future reports, distribution etc will be carried out by them.